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Máster en Biotecnología del Medio Ambiente y la Salud

The Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health – (MBEH) has a mixed research and/or professional character. The MBEH is a multidisciplinary proposal destined to extend knowledge on biotechnological applications related to the environment and health. Special emphasis is put on the study of how changes in the environment can affect health, a powerful recently emerged subdiscipline known as environmental health. Without leaving aside the scientific foundations and the research and development possibilities that this field offers, the masters is oriented to the professionalization of the students given that practical aspects, such as the early detection, the evaluation of toxic risks, and the biotechnological applications useful for the conservation of the environment and health are preferentially addressed. More specifically, in the second year special relevance is given to formation in the creation and management of biotech companies, legal aspects and intellectual property, etc, in the biotechnological and environmental scope, in order to contribute to increasing the student’s entrepreneurship and self-employment possibilities.